2008 Chrysler 300 Used Car Review

With the power and personality to back up its bold design the 2000 a Chrysler 300, makes an appealing choice for a full size sedan particularly among drivers, who appreciate rear wheel drive performance. A mid cycle refresh in 2000 dates bolstered the 3 hundreds curb appeal bringing a new look to the front and […]

How to Change Headlight Bulbs Toyota Tacoma

And does drone on ads again today I’m gonna make a quick video showing goes out to the home remove your place or change at your head level so let’s take a look. Right in the first thing we’re gonna do your houses when coming to the US and live and in the first thing […]

Compressor oil: important information

Compressor oil lubricates and cools the moving elements of compressor and creates the film between the cylinder and the pistons. Therefore, it must possess the necessary lubricant characteristics, viscosity and ability to mix with the refrigerant. The use of wrong compressor oil is the common mistake in the installation and maintenance of air-conditioning compressors. However, […]

Waxing of the car.

Waxing of your car is one of the finest ways to highlight your pet compared to other cars. Advantages of car wax coating: The emergence of the protective film. With such a coating you can’t be afraid of any water droplets that create a blur effect after drying or small scratches. Making the surface brightness. […]

Car filters – their purpose and function

The protection of basic units of the car can’t be performed without the use of filters, they control the purity of all streams. Air filter cleans the air, coming into the engine from abrasive slurries, harmful impurities, which considerably prolongs its life. Oil filter removes harmful components of engine oil falling into it during the […]

In the USA, small service station are more attractive than branded

According to Consumer Reports (USA) survey in the last year, independent repair shops again outperformed USA dealer service centers and branded service stations in the repair and maintenance of new vehicles. A recent study found that small stations received a higher average score for overall satisfaction, quality-price ratio of performed work, timeliness and courtesy of […]

Iron car wheels: advantages and disadvantages

A matter of choice of the car wheels stumps a lot of the new motorists. The reason is the wide range of their varieties on the modern car market. How not to get confused in such a variety? The first thing you should know about the car wheels is that they can be steel (iron) […]

Xenon headlights – pros and cons

Xenon headlights – pros and cons. The first cars were equipped with propane (gas) lamps. Then they were replaced by incandescent bulbs, and then the gas-filled halogen bulbs. In the present day, a great popularity began to use gas-discharge xenon lights, which are powered by a special control units – controllers. The main advantage of […]