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Car filters – their purpose and function

The protection of basic units of the car can’t be performed without the use of filters, they control the purity of all streams.

Air filter cleans the air, coming into the engine from abrasive slurries, harmful impurities, which considerably prolongs its life.

Car filters

Oil filter removes harmful components of engine oil falling into it during the combustion of solid products. It is a monolithic metal structure with the filtering element and the safety valve inside.

Fuel filter removes fine suspension of dust, rust, dirt penetrating into the fuel when it is stored or transported in metal containers, the resin and dirt falling into the petrol tank with the condensate, rain, snow during vehicle refueling. For each type of engine – injector, carburetor, diesel, their own modification of the fuel cartridge is used.

Leading manufacturers of automotive filters strictly comply with the basic requirements set by international specifications and standards of cars producing companies.