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How to Change Headlight Bulbs Toyota Tacoma

And does drone on ads again today I’m gonna make a quick video showing goes out to the home remove your place or change at your head level so let’s take a look. Right in the first thing we’re gonna do your houses when coming to the US and live and in the first thing we’re going to recognize you is the little rubber big. Yeah here and all you’ll see this connector as the nasty greasy connected here with a Walkman off and you just gonna unplug that one plug really. Yeah. Area closely. And then you’ll see the actual little mo prone type things up if not then this year.

Change Headlight BulbsSo I’m gonna take this whoever leaked all. And that will show that will reveal. The little metal plate that’s in their full mobile. So. Can. You know. The home. This little clip here. You just gonna push down on that and thing in includes our own tree you know. When you push now it’s gonna slide over. Then slide open and then your bulbs now 3 so yeah. No. Push down slaughter just like that and then.

I get it just pull Bala usually. Because.And that’s all you gotta do to get it up and I’ll take a look at the other side him justice like our I got them one more quick thing here on a show about this bald when you get a petunia Bowman of you get 3 different worlds had here you go that federal tab right there in these 2 skinny ones down at the bottom in a home if you just imagine a yet the headbutt balm and that and you can see how to get out there that. The plug coming up there it was on top so you going to shrink down with it and then in and that will assure that you get the Toyota headlight bulb in there nice and secure Toyota Headlights. I doesn’t allow one more thing here one do you see this of beauty here through a big and what this is meant to do to keep moisture out which will prevent your Bolton going out so if you see inside right here home it’s comical seal area and what you want to do is.

You son of a lawyer then there is get that seal to go right up against the ball there Sir you’ll fit the song over this simply and then just make sure you get home that issue operate there against the Toyota headlight bulb. Alright now coming over here to the other side and I’m not to do the whole thing is that you just saw what do you do there but knowing differences here is you have a little bit less room to work with as anything Soledad in there but the same principle applies you’re gonna pull this one off dislike it whatever they. Just like that. The seats up there if you want it if you’re wondering what that cubism that subdialect degree switches prevents own. Resting at the terminals and solicitor good unplug that pull the speed off like a do over there then will be that same little metal Holden clip in there you know. It’s gonna take that out and. Take a bow bow and then.

One thing I didn’t mention of when I had the ball about over there so it’s really important not to actually get your fingers on the bold because the oil from your finger fingers. Will cause the ball to own blow out when it’s. Back in the will cause the ball to Toyota headlights. Blackout it will no longer work home because the oil on your hands will get hot. And it just goes on the boat makes a little mark so just important remember do not touch the bulb with your fingers.

That’s very much wraps up this video for today thanks Watson. Anna any questions comments or concerns just let me know down here in the bottom of the video in the comments today and thanks for watching. They doesn’t understand add one more thing us for you to come home owners make sure you subscribe secrets the video on how to check. How to replace your delight in breakable because I’m gonna do that here next week or 2 to make a video on that and. Subscribe to get 70 well thanks again for watching us see you next time.