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In the USA, small service station are more attractive than branded

According to Consumer Reports (USA) survey in the last year, independent repair shops again outperformed USA dealer service centers and branded service stations in the repair and maintenance of new vehicles.

A recent study found that small stations received a higher average score for overall satisfaction, quality-price ratio of performed work, timeliness and courtesy of staff. This is largely due to the fact that the scope of service of many mini service station are limited by administrative boundaries of regions and small American cities. Here everyone knows everyone, and therefore a code of good neighborly relations between the customers and those who serve them operates.

service station

However, there are exceptions in the results of the study. The smallest number of motorists who seek the help of an independent service center owners of electric cars Tesla are noted. According to analysts, it is difficult to work for individuals with the brand because of the constant introduction of new technologies and models, as well as the unique specificity of electric car of Californian company Tesla Motors.