Iron car wheels

Iron car wheels: advantages and disadvantages

A matter of choice of the car wheels stumps a lot of the new motorists. The reason is the wide range of their varieties on the modern car market.

Iron car wheels

How not to get confused in such a variety?

The first thing you should know about the car wheels is that they can be steel (iron) and light-alloy.

The iron wheels are the most popular, because they have many advantages:

  1. Low price (they are much cheaper than their light-alloy competitors due to the fact that they’re made with the use of more complex technologies).
  2. Higher practicality (they don’t crack in case of damage they don’t, as the other representatives of their class. Though they crush, they can be restored).
  3. Higher road safety (yes, the choice of wheels also affects the safety. In accidents and crashes the iron wheels take the heat, protecting the steering and suspension).