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Waxing of the car.

Waxing of your car is one of the finest ways to highlight your pet compared to other cars.

Waxing of the car

Advantages of car wax coating:

  1. The emergence of the protective film. With such a coating you can’t be afraid of any water droplets that create a blur effect after drying or small scratches.
  2. Making the surface brightness. This method will provide an irresistible sparkle to your car.
  3. Clean of the car will continue much longer, because all the dirt that falls on the surface, can’t connect with the wax.
  4. Reducing of the aerodynamic pressure during the driving.
  5. As the wax can stay on the surface for about 6 months, shine effect will persist for a long time.
  6. The relative cheapness. To date, the wax is not very expensive.
  7. No difficulties during putting to the surface, because there is a liquid and solid wax.
  8. No odor.