Xenon headlights

Xenon headlights – pros and cons

Xenon headlights – pros and cons.

The first cars were equipped with propane (gas) lamps. Then they were replaced by incandescent bulbs, and then the gas-filled halogen bulbs. In the present day, a great popularity began to use gas-discharge xenon lights, which are powered by a special control units – controllers.

Xenon headlights

The main advantage of these lights is their high light output. For example, the luminous flux which xenon lamp «D2S» capacity of 35W radiates has an intensity almost 50% higher than a conventional standard incandescent lamp 55 W.

Important is that xenon does not depend on the supply voltage. In other words, even during the floating voltage luminous, flux of such lamps will remain constant. Also of the xenon bulb has a high resistance to vibration.
Another advantage of xenon headlights is high comfort. These lights provide excellent visibility of road conditions regardless of weather conditions.

The main drawback of this type headlight t is necessity to install a special expensive and complicated control unit as the vehicle power supply system alone can’t provide the conditions necessary for their normal functioning.